Hi! I’m Mel. I’m a twenty something Georgia native with a heart for art. I come from a family of crafters–my grandma was a painter, my mom and younger sister are jewelry designers (check out their work¬†here!) and my older sister is a DIY champ (I’ll add pictures of her creations in a post so you can see for yourself). My dad also gets credit for painting the walls in our house, turning our backyard into a botanical garden and cooking up a storm.

Growing up, I spent hours alongside my sisters ironing Perler beads, baking Fimo clay and making beaded lizards in the “mudroom” of our house. Now, I spend hours sewing accessories, painting with watercolors and tending to my porch plants from the comfort of my DC apartment. I am also in training to become an elementary school teacher where I get to create, play and imagine every¬†day.

I love to share and I love to see what other people create. I draw great inspiration from Austin Kleon’s Steal Like an Artist. I picked up the book in Barnes and Noble a few years back and read it in one sitting in the art section. I then ordered a copy for myself and one for my best friend as a graduation gift. Kleon dispels the myth that we need to be completely original when creating art. All art is inspired by other art. Learn how to “steal” ideas well (like an artist), breathe new life into them and send them out into the world. We all have to start somewhere.

Almost all of my projects are take offs on other people’s work. I find crafting projects on Pinterest, blogs, and in books. If I see something I like, I take it and try to make it my own in some small way.

I’m incredibly excited to be starting this crafting blog journey. Since I’m obsessed with sewing right now, the majority of projects will probably center around sewing. Considering I am just 6 months old in the sewing world, I am definitely no expert. I’m learning and invite you to share in my successes just as much as my failures. Thanks for following my journey. Let’s begin!